Roccbox Review – Is It Worth the Money?

Nothing tastes better than a homemade pizza, especially with additional custom ingredients. There's always that wow factor when cooking artisanal pizzas from home.

I feel limited when we go out with friends and order pizza. If it is artisanal you always have someone that does not like any of the ingredients you like so you always end up with a pepperoni pizza.

A simple solution is to make artisanal pizzas at home.

A permanent oven is pricey and buying an extra oven isn't an option for me. Apart from the worry of price, the permanent oven is not portable.

I like it when I can carry my kitchen gadgets to a picnic site. How fun it would be making pizza with friends while catching up. Well, that portability limitation is what ROCCBOX has solved.

ROCCBOX is your ideal garden restaurant portable pizza oven. The first noticeable feature is how portable it is. This makes it movable to any location. You can now enjoy cooking pizzas with your portable oven from any location.


ROCCBOX was designed with simplicity and efficiency in mind. It has retractable legs and a detachable burner which make it easy for you to pack and set up. There's a built-in thermometer ensuring you monitor the temperatures.

Also notable is the design, such as insulation and floor. The floor is made of thick stone and dense insulation enabling the oven to attain 900°F with ease.

Amongst the biggest selling point is the convenience in terms of fuel. There is a gas or wood option as fuel. I enjoy this as I can make pizza at home using gas and use wood when I run out of gas which happens quite often. Nothing worse than being half way done cooking and running out of fuel.

Safety is critical and this oven observes this by offering silicon safe touch jacket Exterior. This makes it family-friendly, and you no longer need to worry about children getting skin burns while around the oven.


A portable pizza oven by Gozney. Gozney is a British company that has been a producer of fire and stone ovens for years. ROCCBOX is a reply to customers over the year's demanding a more friendly commercial pizza oven. Gozney proved again to be amongst the best with the upgrade of their ovens.

It has gained fame over its dual fuel burners which came as a surprise and blessing. I was waiting for such an oven for a long time. I have always wanted an oven that could serve both at home and away.

Most pizza ovens usually have a single burner and no additional fuel sources. This was a huge savings off the cost of buying a home wood oven. It's so convenient how I can swap burners at any time.


Just like any kitchen gadget you buy; the source of energy is vital. It uses both gas and wood as fuel. This is amongst the biggest selling points. This makes it convincing for one to make a one-time investment in purchasing the oven.

Using Wood as Fuel

There are wood burner clips where you insert dried wood pieces. The process is not technical at all, and you can get to it instantly. 

Cooking Duration

The Gozney company estimates the cooking time for up to 60 seconds. However, my test on it proved to take slightly a minute longer for the base to be cooked appropriately.

How Many Pizzas Does it Fit?

Space is just enough for one 12" pizza at a time. However, this should not be a problem as heat is well conserved; hence you can cook pizza after another.

How Hot Does it Get?

I like how it has a safe outer surface rubber silicone jacket and insulation made of calcium silicate. This ensures that the outside is safe to touch without the worry of getting burnt. The heat protection measures make ROCCBOX safe even for children handling. It reaches up to 950ºF.

Who is This Ideal For?

It is an all-family portable oven. Since it's easy to carry, it comes in handy as a couples pizza oven also. It also works perfectly for family setup, especially because it can also function events away from home. It's also friendly to people living alone as you could use it during a meetup.

Pros & Cons

  • Design - The design is flexible and friendly, considering its portability. The folding legs make it easy when packing and unpacking while the burner release is quick
  • Performance - How well an oven cooks pizza is a point of consideration. ROCCBOX is quite impressive in the quality of pizza it cooks and the ease of doing it. After two or three pizzas, you already start feeling like a professional chef. Gozney has been in the industry for long enough and the ROCCBOX high cooking performance has proven it.
  • Warranty - Warranty is a selling point and should tell you how confident the manufacturers are with their product. They offer a 5-year warranty which gives one the impression that the company is sure of the durability.
  • Dual fuel burners - Who wouldn't like the freedom to choose fuel sources? This oven gives users the freedom to choose either gas or wood; this is an extra advantage over other pizza ovens.
  • Price - I had a tough time accepting the cost. The price is undoubtedly a significant drawback and customers may opt to walk away. Considering the limitation of a single pizza at a time, the price is relatively high. The only compensation for the price is the dual burners which one may decide to overlook and buy a much more affordable oven.
  • Takes time to heat up - Many people would want something that heats up fast. ROCCBOX may occasionally take longer than expected to heat up. However, this is not the case all the time. I can deal with this as it maintains heat well enough to cook as many pizzas as possible for the whole family.

I genuinely think ROCCBOX went beyond the obvious in making the portable oven. Generally, if you are looking for a portable oven, then this is one to get. I also like that you are not limited to a single fuel source as you can use either gas or wood.

The price is slightly higher than expected but considering how fine the pizzas are, I would give ROCCBOX a yes. I also love how temperature management is well coordinated.

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Kyle Jacobs, the creator of, has been cooking for a very long time but has been specializing in artisan pizzas for the the past 10 years. He lives in Denver Colorado with his wife and 5 year old daughter who happens to be his official tester for new pizza ideas.

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