Homemade Pizza Toppings Ideas

The year was 1905, a gentleman called Gennuardo Lombardi opened the first-ever pizza shop in the heart of New York City. Back then, few knew about this delicious treat and considered it foreign. It was up until the 1950s when pizza became widely loved and sold. You can skip delivery and cook one yourself.

Over the years, the pizza culture has evolved to advance new sensibilities and ease of preparation. While you want to throw the best pizza art to your party, finding the best homemade pizza topping ideas is overwhelming. I want to show you the list of mind-blowing toppings that will get everyone asking when the next pizza party is.

Why Do It Myself?

The pizza-making process does not have to be a solo activity. You should call out to the kids to join you in the kitchen and not forgetting, him. Check out how to make the perfect pizza dough using this informative YouTube video that simplifies the processes for home cooking.

While you want the convenience a pizza delivery offers, it’s not a guarantee the ingredients used are fresh. Pizzerias are busy institutions with a lot to do. They will definitely go for the cheapest ingredients they find. Not shunning them, but see why that DIY pizza is more bonding?

Nine Exciting Toppling Ideas for Homemade Pizzas

There are five popular pizza toppings, according to a YouGov study. These are the usual toppings that you won’t miss in a pizza. But you can go the extra mile with your pizza and throw in some more toppings.

You have control over what you put onto your pizza. A little experimentation is more fun since you may even invent a viral pizza topping! Here is my list of nine toppings that you should definitely try out.

1. Seed and Nut Topping

I love feeling the crunchy texture in my mouth as I bite into my pizza. If you have not tried this nutty venture, it is time to do that. There is a wide variety of nuts that you can use.
You can try out these;
• Almonds
• Peanut
• Walnuts
• Cashews
If you have others available, you can use them too. No one sets any limits for you on this one. 

2. Cheese Toppings

Cheese is a common ingredient in pizza bread, but mozzarella is the most popular. There is a wide array of cheese blocks available in the market.
Try these out;
• Cheddar
• Gruyère
• Parmesan
• Brie
There are others available, and you should not limit yourself to the known ones. Some extra cheese will not hurt!

3. Fruits Topping

If you want to add that natural nature to your pizza, going for fruits is the best way. Although they will seem a bit traditional, their natural flavor will add a fruity touch. Here are some fruits that go well with pizza crusts;
• Pineapple
• Avocado
• Apple
• Peach
There are other fruit options that you can try out. Moreover, you can throw in a mixture of fruits in there.

4. Vegetable Toppings

Whether vegan or not, veggies compliment that pizza looks immensely. You can add some to your meat toppings for that balanced nutrition. Some veggies you can use are;
• Green, red, and yellow peppers
• Baby spinach
• Asparagus
• Leek
• Tomatoes
• Kale
• lettuce
The list is endless, and you have the freedom to use what you have. If you have a kitchen garden as I do, this is the time to go garden hunting.

5. Meat Toppings

If you are a meat lover, then this is for your soul. These toppings can change how the pizza hits everyone due to its fulfilling nature. Here is a list of meat toppings you can use
• Shrimp
• Pork
• Beef
• Chicken
• Prosciutto
• Anchovies
The list goes on, so you have the freedom to pick the family’s favorite and throw it in there.

6. Spice and Herb Toppings

For the ultimate pizza flavor and aroma, having some herbs and spices around is a jackpot. Whether you choose to use dry or fresh herbs, it’s up to you depending on the available ones. Again, for a kitchen garden with herbs, fresh herbs are my favorite. Here are some spices you can use;
• Rosemary
• Capers
• Garlic
• Pepper
• Thyme
• Basil
If you have other herbs available, you can use them, as this is a DIY activity.

7. Pizza Sauces

What’s a pizza-like without a sauce touch on top? It’s the first thing you notice on a pizza slice before taking that big bite. They add to the flavor and appearance. While red sauce is common, try these too;
• BBQ sauce
• Sour cream
• Olive oil
• Buffalo sauce
• Garlic butter sauce
The sauce list goes on; whichever you have at hand is a good choice. 

8. Dessert Toppings

If you want to make your pizza sweet, there is a dessert ingredient way to go. With these toppings, you are going to choose all the sweet ingredients you can find. These are some sweet things to use
• Chocolate bits
• Oreos
• Marshmallows
• Caramel sauce
Anything sweet that is in your mind can find great use here, so no limits. From chocolate to the sauce, the taste fulfills. 

9. Healthy Toppings

If you want to go the healthy way, as many usually opt, you have that option too. Here, you will have to go light on your dairy and meaty toppings and choose a thinner pizza crust. For the toppings, you can use;
• Mushrooms
• Onions
• Red, yellow, and green peppers
• Tomatoes
• Spinach
• kale
Basically, the aim here is to have a more veggie-like topped pizza for that healthy appeal. Eat healthily and stay healthy with this creative topping for your pleasure. 


For a quality family and friends bonding time, cooking together can be a great option. Having a pizza cooking fest can get each one working and create fun. You have many homemade pizza toppings ideas you can choose from for the best pizza DIY experience. 

While all the above pizza topping ideas will give you amazing results, you do not have to use them all. Each option provides the means to delightful taste that leaves you with a high appetite, yearning for more. Choose one now and give it the best shot.

About the author

Kyle Jacobs, the creator of artisanpizzaovens.net, has been cooking for a very long time but has been specializing in artisan pizzas for the the past 10 years. He lives in Denver Colorado with his wife and 5 year old daughter who happens to be his official tester for new pizza ideas.

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